Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thank you notes keep rolling in!

This party had around 40 guests.

Hey Luis,

This is Dawn. You bartended my 30th birthday party this past December at the Riverwalk Condominiums Clubhouse, and did an amazing job. I friend of mine asked about your services, and will be contacting you soon for an event he will be promoting next month. Just wanted to give you a heads up. Hope all is well. Take Care.



This party had around 120 guests.

Good Morning!

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful cooperation and assistance! Without you this party surely could not have happened. Your friendly and reliable service was definitely noted by all those attending the party and I will be sure to pass all your contact information to everyone who asks. (And I assure you, there will be many asking!)

I can't thank you enough. Your services were truly the underpinnings of the party and your commitment helped things go very smoothly, even though things were running late. Thanks again! I hope you all have a relaxing Sunday.


Jasmine Sulaiman

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